Congratulations, you’ve got it made!


Your life is pretty much on track and you’ve been able to accomplish a lot of your goals. 


You made plans, set your course, and got to work.


You worked hard.

Even made sacrifices.

And it paid off.


So how’d you get to be sitting here wondering why your insides don't feel as great as your outsides? 


In fact, truth be told, you’re feeling more like your life has gotten stuck in a pothole than feeling the satisfaction you thought you’d be feeling by this stage in your life. 


You’ve shopped your brains out. 


And you have enough experience with that to know that your bank account feels it a lot longer than you feel the warm wash of happiness over the Amazon box on your doorstep.


You may even have a few extra pounds that won’t go away because you can’t seem to stop feeding that hole, that you hate to admit seems to keep growing. 


Are you on meds? 

And still not getting results?

Or now you’ve entered the loop of medicating the side effects of your medications.

And now the potential side effects of your latest Rx are the exact thing you got on meds over in the first place.


I have some good news for you!


You aren’t crazy.


In fact you’re quite normal.


It’s normal to feel like you've gotten off course.


Little things happen, and you make adjustments.


Then more adjustments.


Now, in hindsight you’re starting to wonder if a lot of them were about putting other people first.


And you can no longer tell the difference between your dreams and your obligations. But you do know that you don’t feel alive any more. 


And something is missing.


The pills were supposed to be a bridge to a new life.


Instead they became a way of life. 


When it gets like this, they just feel like a bridge to nowhere…


If you can’t remember how long it’s been since you’ve had that satisfied feeling at the end of the day. And your sick and tired of feeling sick and tired... then you may soon be counting your lucky stars that you found this website. 


With my True North for Life Program, you’ll find the exact steps to recover your truth, the life you’re meant to live, and remember what it feels like to live your life with purpose.


Here’s what you’ll get:

#1 -  Let's Get Clear Questionnaire. This powerful pre-session worksheet helps us lay the groundwork. We'll use it to assess where you are, where you’re stuck, and what your dreams and visions are. This in depth view of your past, and present will allow us to get right to the meat of our sessions when we start.


#2 - Restoration Session. On our 60 minute call, with your completed questionnaire as our guide, we’ll dive deeper into the what’s and the why’s of your soul’s longings, dreams, fears, blocks, questions and direction. I don't act as a guru or an expert on you, instead I walk with you one step at a time, holding a flashlight over your shoulder to illuminate your path back to fullness.


#3 - Recalibrate Your Compass with a Breathwork Session. In this session you'll find that you don’t have to have your whole life figured out at once. You only need to know the next right thing for your heart. Breathwork helps you with that. Breathwork is an experiential process that acts like a meditation and allows each individual to have the right experience at the right time for them.

It can cause you to drop old, limiting, habits of thinking that keep you living in ways that aren’t true for you. You’ll gain wisdom about who you are and what is important to you right now. The process allows you access to your own inner wisdom and desires, and frees up energy to create a life full of passion and purpose.

You’ll know the next step to take to begin to build that bridge from where you are now to the life you’re meant to live. No more confusion, distractions, or derailment. We will recalibrate your personal compass to your personal True North


#4 - 60 Minute Follow Up Support. I don't disappear after your sessions. When you start working on your True North for Life Program, questions are a natural part of the process. I don't disappear after our session. We’ll communicate via email on any questions or concerns you might have, and to keep you moving toward your goal.


#5 - Guiding Materials Customized for you. During and after our session, I’ll also provide you resources that might include recommended reading, breathing techniques,mindful practices, or meditations gathered specifically to guide you.


Is True North for Life right for you?

As much as I’d like to help every person who’s interested, this session may not be right for you if:


– If you’re expecting a psychic session or to have your life's answers given to you. - This is a clarity session to help you understand your own soul’s dreams, desires and longings. You are the expert on you, I act as a witness to remind you of all that you're capable of.


– If you expect someone else to be the expert on you. - This is a discovery session. We will explore together and come up with a plan that is individual to you. one that is based on your current situation and your expressed goals, and dreams for your future.


– If you don’t do the exercises. - I’ll help you, I'll guide you, and I'll shine a light on your way, however discovering your True North is a process, and the ONLY way it works is if you to follow through on the process.

Your True North is about finding the life that is right for you.


This program will shine the light onto your deeper desires and motivations. When the light comes on you discover that what is hidden in the dark is actually gold.


But recognition and awareness is only half the journey. Your soul’s real work is in what you do with that knowledge. When you’re ready, your inner world will open up! I will help you lay those stepping stones to build your bridge – from where you are now, to where your soul intends to be


With this program, you’ll not only find your True North you’ll take that discovery one step at a time into a fuller, richer, more authentic life, one that you have energy for because you're no longer suppressing your true essence, desires, and passions.


Are you ready to Recover Your True North?

When you’re ready, your inner world will open up!


You receive both One Hour Phone Sessions, a Breath Work Session, and the questionnaire, which you'll find provides great value because of the insight you gain just by answering the simple questions.


Individually, all three would normally be $259.00.


But, with this no brainer offer, you'll get all three, plus the questionnaire for:


$99 USD


Are you interested in working with me? Here’s how to get started.


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