Did you know that you don’t have to have your whole life figured out at once?


You only need to know the next right thing for your heart.


Breathwork helps you with that. Breathwork is an experiential process that acts like a meditation and allows each individual to have the right experience at the right time for them.


It can cause you to drop old, limiting, habits of thinking that keep you living in ways that aren’t true for you. You’ll gain wisdom about who you are and what is important to you right now. The process allows you access to your own inner wisdom and desires, and frees up energy to create a life full of passion and purpose.


You’ll know the next step to take to begin to build that bridge from where you are now to the life you’re meant to live. No more confusion, distractions, or derailment. We will recalibrate your personal compass to your personal True North


Introduction to Breathwork

From 7:00pm - 10:00pm,

I host an Introduction to Breathwork here in the Atlanta area. These sessions are about three hours long and include an in depth description of the breathwork process, the benefits of breathwork and a 45 minute sample breathwork session. I answer your questions and we have some group sharing at the end.

These Introductory Sessions are $29.00


The Introductory Sessions are a good way be prepared to enter the Full Breathwork Journey with your questions answered and ready to go.



With these sessions we get right to the heart of the matter. Everyone knows what to do, and what to expect, so we can spend more time with the breathwork journey. In this session the breathwork journey is between 75 and 90 minutes (but just ask anyone, they'll tell you it feels like no more than 20 minutes). We also have more time for sharing and group processing afterward.

Full Breathwork Journeys are $69.00


For anyone who is willing to commit to themselves and invest the time and energy to making a big shift in their lives, I celebrate that commitment to yourself and offer you a series of 6 sessions at a deeply discounted price. When ever I have seen someone make the commitment and show up once or twice a month for 6 months, I have been able to witness transformations that words fall short of describing.


Ready for Rapid Transformation Package 


That's almost 2 free sessions. 


For the advanced souls, who have attended several Full Breathwork Journeys and experienced the unmatched potential for healing and growth, and seen fist hand the changes in your fellows lives, It's natural to wonder if there's more.


Well there is.


I offer a Full Day Breathwork

From 9:00am - 6:00pm

On these Breathwork days we have two sets of music and we spilt the group into pairs. The first half of the day one partner does the breathwork while the other, holds space (an abbreviated version of what I do as a facilitator) for the person breathing. We call this co-journeying and it is every bit as powerful an experience as the breathwork.


After the morning session , we take a break then have an afternoon session to different music, with the roles reversed. These full days are open to anyone who has attended the Introductory Session, but they are  of special interest to anyone who is considering training to be a facilitator. It is during these sessions that you'll get a clearer idea whether training is for you.

Full Day Breathwork $299.00


Now Offering In-Home Atlanta Sessions!


One-on-one or small groups.


Why do a one on one Breathwork?


With a one on one Breathwork, you get to work on Your issue.  Want to empower the present,  heal the past or manifest the future you strongly desire?  Your one on one session will be geared towards your goals your healing, your future!


Enter sacred space and time to awaken the vision of your Soul’s Purpose through Breathwork. We will combine sacred ritual, the power of breath, chakra-attuned music, focused bodywork, mandala art, and sharing in this powerful healing tool that integrates wisdom of the ages with modern-day healing practices.


Breathwork is gentle, safe and effective. Almost every person will have a deep, moving experience such as, resolve and release current problems, heal childhood wounds and birth traumas, past-life remembrances, (even if you don't believe in past lives. Ha! ) encounter deities, angels, nature spirits, travel time and space, and experience the vibration in the form of inner light, deep peace, etc.


Breathwork is healthy for the body. You will be conscious the whole time and in control.


Breathwork is fun and safe! It is a gentle way to reach altered states of consciousness, typically associated with plant medicine, ritual dance or shamanic drumming ceremonies.  Breathwork is based on finding Our Own connection to the Divine (or God, Goddess, Creator, the All, etc)  There are no gurus other than the guru within.  Breathwork is a proven path to discover or reconnect to your own inner wisdom. While this can be considered very spiritual, it is not a religion or a religious path, and practices no dogma, you will not be asked to believe anything and your current spiritual path is welcome.


Now, for a limited time, I am offering a 3 hour in home Breathwork session for only $199 (that's $100 off)


Please come prepared for transformation.