I have been blending the ancient and  the modern for as long as I have been focused on healing. I just naturally gravitate towards a blending of the mystical, spiritual practices with new and emerging, science and health discoveries.

My techniques began to develop after I had the realization that, at 28 years old, that all the medications I was on were leading me down a potentially deadly spiral of medicating side effects. One day I caught a glimpse of the side effects of my latest prescription and the potential side effect was the exact thing that had led me to seek help in the first place. Landing me right back where I started was not the way I had wanted to live my life or I wouldn't have sought outside help in the first place.

I decided that there had to be another way.

Luckily I found it. I found Breath Work. And it was a very short time later that I had a completely unexpected breath work experience, I can only describe it as a huge heart opening! I was able to quit all my medications almost immediately. I know that is not normal, and I don't ever advise that for anyone, but it is how it worked for me.

The breath work allows each of us to access our own inner healer. This holistic process facilitates reunification of lost soul parts, improving self-esteem, releasing negative energies, healing traumas, communing with the divine, spirit guides, and power animal energies.

To further facilitate energy flow for healing, I use various energy healing techniques and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy. One of my special gifts is healing lower back pain and chronic pain relief. My intuitive, sensitive, and gentle use of these disciplines helps open the way for you to attaining spiritual, mental, and physical wellbeing.

I am a receptive and conscious listener which has greatly enhanced my connection to the Spiritual side of life and I carry these practices to greater community, I am a founder of Wildman Gathering,  and a Mankind Project staff member.

I live and practice Breath Work and my many other healing arts in the greater Atlanta area.